How It Started

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On October 11, 2014, Ashley and her family arrived on St John to give island living a try. It took all of three weeks before Ashley realized she wouldn’t be able to survive in paradise- or anywhere else for that matter- without Cardio Dance classes like the ones she adored back in Charlotte.

Ashley began teaching Cardio Hip Hop in November and discovered St John School of the Arts shortly thereafter. Complete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a surround sound speaker system, and most importantly, a sprung dance floor, this location met and exceeded Ashley’s expectations for an island workout space! It was love at first sight! Ashley moved her classes to School of the Arts in March of 2015 and grew a following of ladies (and a few men) who shared her passion for dance.

After taking island jobs that allowed Ashley to teach her Cardio Dance classes twice a week, she decided in March of 2016 to leave her full-time job and devote herself completely to helping St John residents achieve their fitness goals. Island visitors attend too, and it’s fun to play the name game with new friends!

Realizing that not everyone lives to dance, Ashley began studying anatomy and kinesiology and drew from her 14 years of dance training to develop Cardio Sculpt. A combination of barre, ballet, athletic conditioning, and essentially every group exercise class Ashley has taken since the 90s, Cardio Sculpt is a challenging, high intensity, calorie-burning, multi-tasking class that uses a variety of equipment including weights, gliding discs, tubes, and stability balls to create lean muscles and perfect posture. Unlike other super sweaty workouts, Cardio Sculpt is core-centric and does not place undo pressure on the joints.

Twerk and Tone was born of a love of dance and a desire to sculpt in a fun, upbeat group setting. Ashley never imagined that anything could fill her heart with the joy of dance, but Cardio Sculpt has also brought so many health-conscious, positive, energetic members of the St John community together! The same “Feelosophy” applies to all of Ashley’s classes- group exercise is group therapy. Come see how Twerk and Tone makes fitness fun!