Twerk and tone testimonial
Aaron Payne

As a massage therapist for 13 years, I have always prided myself on keeping in decent shape. However, like everyone, life, kids, and work all tend to get in the way and derail your progress. On this little island I have called home for 12 years, there are only two small gyms, one being where I work as their lead therapist, so when I finish work, I have no interest in sticking around. Ashley started her classes and I was pulled in by one of my coworkers, kicking and screaming, as I was the only male in the class. It only took one time. Ashley’s presence is the first thing that catches you. She genuinely cares about everyone who walks in that door. She remembers everyone’s name, and she’s always positive, encouraging the class to modify or push harder. The well-rounded workouts are what I like most- the cardio aspect and the opportunity to make the class as hard as you want by upping the weight. Glutes, hips, quads, upper back, core, chest and arms.... everything is touched in different ways each class. The advice I give my clients about strengthening the groups of muscles that counterbalance sore, over-stressed and over-used groups to help keep them from being over-worked, I am now following myself. Ashley pulled me back on to my wagon when I had fallen off. I was irritated with how my body was hurting, frustrated by not being able to complete a simple jog without knee or hip pain, and just feeling fatigued after a full day of appointments. I felt angry and tired. I wasn’t me, and it showed in every aspect of my life. I was missing something. After four weeks of 2-3 classes a week, my knee pain, upper glute/ lower back pain, and general fatigue was gone. My attitude was slowly changing. My 8-year-old daughter does Cardio Dance with my wife, who hates working out! However, even she is now doing two toning classes and one dance class a week. My 6-year-old son comes to evening classes with me because he likes “dude” time. It sets a huge example for them to see us being healthy. They love it. We all do. It has become a part of our life we crave. Do yourself a favor- put the self-consciousness aside and try it. These classes have all ages, fitness levels and personalities- kids, parents, grand parents, super fit and those just starting. It will change you physically and mentally. I promise.

Krista Kremer

Twerk and Tone is my happy hour! Ashley is my favorite thing about Twerk and Tone. She is extremely energetic, positive, and very motivating. Her workouts have been very challenging but life-changing for me. I have seen a huge difference in my body in such a short amount of time. I have gone to the gym and done workout videos; I have gone to several different workout classes over the years but never really stuck with it. I was bored. Now that I have been doing Ashley's class for about six months, I'm so addicted. When I first started I didn't think I could make it through the class. Now I can't live without it. I feel better about myself and I have much more energy. My husband would probably call it my attitude adjustment. Lol! When I make it though the class I feel like I could conquer anything for the day. Her workouts focus on every muscle, even ones I didn't know I had. Working as a massage therapist, it has really helped with my overall strength; I'm able to do more and not feel as tired. Also as a full-time Mom, running around with my three year-old, I can tell that Ashley's classes have helped with my endurance. Overall, I am so much stronger.

Rebecca Davis

I am not afraid of challenges, and I’m always searching for new things to master. My fitness history is long and includes horse riding, soccer, softball, badminton, ping-pong, running, squash, swim, gym and some random dance classes. When I started to attend Ashley’s classes, I was immediately triggered. It made me incredibly happy that someone had me shaking to great music, and I was hooked, determined to actually WORKOUT! I am always excited when I enter the steps to the School of the Arts in Cruz Bay, about to get the most uplifting and down-to-the-floor, sweat-dripping exercise I’ve ever had in my life. The good thing is that Twerk and Tone classes aren't just a one time experience; they happen several times a week! Going to Twerk and Tone makes you feel healthy and absolutely fantastic! And I’m seeing results! My arms and legs are leaner and my muscles are more toned. I can’t wait until the next class to see my dance and body-sculpting skills improve! Grant yourself the gift of health- feel good and look great!

Cassie Long

I'm Cassandra but go by "Cassie." I'm super sassy, fun and outgoing! I've called St. John home for 9 years and have tried so many different workout classes on island. Nothing against the others- I love to workout- but you know when the shoe fits? Well, it totally fits with Ashley's Twerk and Tone classes! As a high energy person who learned the hard way that my body requires the right kind of cardiovascular workout, I was excited that Ashley has brought me the formula I needed- challenging moves mixed with lots of fun to keep my attention. As a mother of three- yes three kids!- I'm truly amazed at how my body has transformed thanks to doing these classes! The Twerk class speaks to my soul and fills me up with love and passion. The Tone class gives me the drive and focus of a gym workout without being at a boring gym!!! I'm super social, and these classes are filled with loving, strong, men and women lifting each other up. What Ashley brings to this island is genuine love, passion, and drive. I'm incredibly thankful I have had a chance to be part of this, and I can't wait to see what's next! As Ashley always says, "BOOM!"

Katherine Kemper

Leaving my performing career behind in Maui, HI, I found that my move to St. John left me missing dance more than I ever could have imagined. I will be forever grateful to Ashley for bringing this joy back into my life! Her TWERKshop class makes me feel amazing! Admittedly, I am no hip-hop dancer, but it simply doesn't matter. The music, the moves, and Ashley's infectious passion and energy make this class so much fun. I have to make extra effort to get to class...I have a toddler! As all moms know, it is very hard to find the time and energy to work out. Ashley's class makes the effort and planning worth it every time! The hour flies by, and I am back to my little boy feeling fit, fulfilled, and like 'myself'. Thank you, Ashley, for helping this mama find her passion again!

Chris Meyer

Good health is a gift that should be honored. Exercising has been my good habit for 35 years! Motivation to workout has been the key to success. My personal motivational points are: Diversity, Camaraderie, Challenge, Consistency, and last but not least, Fun! Twerk and Tone has it all. Ashley helps me fulfill all I look for in a workout, and then some! The toning classes focus on all muscle groups, large and small. Ashley manages to cover 3 or 4 groups at once with intensity and accuracy while encouraging and cheering us on. The hour flies by as she is so well prepared, and things flow, leaving you no time to wonder what is next (or how much it might hurt)! Twerking is aerobics on steroids. Heart pumping, sweat producing, endorphin inducing FUN!! Hip hop music is relatively new to me, and I've realized that not only can I dance to the stuff, I love it! Thanks Ashley for gracing our island with your gift and dynamic presence.

Nancy Anderson

Hi, my name is Nancy Anderson, and I'm a cardio hip hop addict, thanks to Ashley Cates! We've been coming to St John for 24 years, and while I've always been very active- hiking trails or walking the steep roads on the island- I've always returned home with a little extra "padding" and "jiggle" from missing my workout classes back in Tennessee. That is, until I discovered Ashley's cardio hip hop TWERKshop classes! Not only are they lots of fun, but they also offer a tremendous workout, while dancing, laughing, and smiling with all the new friends you meet. I was apprehensive about going to my first class, but Ashley immediately put me at ease with her infectious and genuine love of dancing, of encouraging, and complimenting us while teaching. These classes have not only improved my overall toning and stamina by working out my body, they have brought me such joy, which is why I have a continuous smile on my face and in my heart during and after these classes.

Kate Hanna

My name is Kate Hanna, and I've lived on St. John for almost 10 years. I grew up in NC where I ran cross country and track, swam, and played many different sports. I have always enjoyed exercising, sweating, and having a good time. I met Ashley this year, and as she is a fellow North Carolinian and has great energy, I liked her immediately. I heard about her hip hop dance class and thought it sounded fun even though I have absolutely no dance experience. I thought I would try it. It has been an awesome experience and a great workout. I look forward to class every week, and I love looking around the class and seeing the other incredible women there for the same reasons I am- to have fun and to get a good workout. It's been a great experience so far, and I look forward to many more classes. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and encourage anyone to come dance, sweat, and just have fun!